12 Powerful Actresses – Ready To Be The Next “Doctor Who”


Have you ever thought why The Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ has always been male all through these Seasons? If you had, have you ever considered what female actors would make the cut to be the next Doctor? Well, we have thought and re-thought over and over, and here’s the list. In coming up with this list, we confined our choices to British female actors (except in suggesting one possible actress), who also have not performed a subordinate role so far. The age, fame, and career level were happily ignored because, hey, why not? See for yourself how proper our selection is, and decide who would be most appropriate to be the next doctor?

1. Ruth Wilson

Considering her performance in Luther as Alice, Ruth brings to table an all in one performance of smart, shrewd, crafty, lying, and above all kind, the exact same qualities that are attributed to the character of The Doctor. There is something alluring about this naughty little girl which makes it all the more reason to be the next Doctor. With Ruth’s capacity to evocatively act out emotions such as fear, love, and hope qualifies her above the rest to take up this role.


2. Tatiana Maslany

Although she is a Canadian, she has the skill to act out different roles to suit its accents, manners, personality, and imitating carefully every little detail of it. Her outstanding performance in Orphan Black qualifies her all the way up to be the next Doctor, right? She can hold it all together, and she is one of the best candidates to be the next Doctor.


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  1. Nope, never wondered, Tom Baker was my first Doctor. I want the Doctor to stay a male. If they want to be companions, fine, but leave the Doctor a male please.

    • THANK YOU!

      Why don’t these people have a 12 male actors ready to be Xena for this upcoming remake. Funny that, a female Doctor Who, female Thor, female Ghostbusters but never a male Xena or Buffy.