12 Star Trek Films And Series That Were Nearly Made.


For more than half a century, Star Trek has continued as a franchise. It has faced two cancellations; Star Trek: The Original Series in 1969 and Star Trek: Enterprise in 2005. However, it bounced back. Star Trek’s idea is one where humankind effectively voyages over the cosmic system, exploring new universes, new civilisations and surviving odds. It proposes a superior future, one where humankind is a power of good over the universe.

This article focuses on those proposed Star Trek spin-offs that were never openly known. Some would have been exceptionally captivating while others would have been bizarre.

12. Hopeship – Star Trek Meet Grey’s Anatomy

This proposed spinoff was a restorative show set on board the USS Hopeship. This was a therapeutic vessel venturing to every part of the universe. The plan was to incorporate Doctor M’Benga, played by Booker Bradshaw in two episodes A Private Little War and That Which Survives as the essential character on Hopeship.

 It surely would have given a crisp viewpoint on the Star Trek universe with Doctor M’Benga being an expert in Vulcan medical. Furthermore, it is very conceivable that the audience would have seen a greater amount of Spock’s home world.

11. A Question of Cannibalism – The First Star Trek Series

Star Trek may have turned out in an unexpected way. Two years before Star Trek: The Original Series, Roddenberry pitched a thought for Star Trek Is. This included Captain Robert April and the team of the SS Yorktown. April was joined by his female first officer Number One, South American pilot José Ortegas, cynical doctor Phillip Boyce, Yeoman Colt and the first alien lieutenant Mr. Spock.

A full season was pitched, with stories likeThe Day Charlie Became God which turned into the Kirk-driven pilot Where No One Has Gone Before. The Mirror included the group finding an alternate version of the SS Yorktown and A Question Of Cannibalism saw colonists on the planet Regulusherding creatures like cows.

The plot of A Question Of Cannibalism turned into the reason for an abandoned Star Trek film Roddenberry started creating in 1973. It doesn’t have the same impact as The Wrath Of Khan.


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