4 Striking Questions We Need Answers In Next Episode “Knots Untied”! Will Jesus lead Rick’s gang to Negan’s territory?


After the shocking events of last week’s mid-season premiere, the show slowed things down a bit in “The New World”, but there were still a few surprising developments. AMC has released trailer and photos for next week’s episode, Knots Untied. This article is packed with spoilers so proceed with caution.

After a lot of back and forth, Daryl and Rick finally ended up subduing Jesus, bringing him back to Alexandria. However, the addition of Jesus to the show brings up tons of questions, and here are the top 4 out of them:-

1) Is Jesus going to lead Rick & Gang to Negan’s territory A.K.A Hilltop Colony?

The trailer reveals that Jesus is leading Rick and his crew somewhere, but no one is sure if it’s a trap or not. It is possible that in next episode we might get the chance to see the much-anticipated Negan’s “Sanctuary.” In the comics, Jesus was a member of the Hilltop Colony, who used to reside in Alexandria, which also explains how he was able to sneak on to Rick and Michonne while they were asleep (Together, in compromising positions ;).


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2) Is Jesus going to be part of the regular cast?

In the comic books, Jesus was first introduced in issue 91, and he’s still alive and kicking in the books, so yes, it indicates another regular crew member in the Rick’s group but show deviates heavily from the comics when it comes to plot devices and twists.