5 Amazing Facts About Marvel’s Luke Cage.


Marvel’s Hero for Hire, Luke Cage, went solo with his own Netflix series debuting on September 30. While this is the first time people will take notice of Cage, the character has really been around for over 40 years. Furthermore, his impact extends well past the lanes of Harlem. We have here, five amazing facts about Luke Cage.

1. Be Grateful to Blaxploitation Movies For His Creation.

In the early 70s, Marvel saw that pop culture was changing. As it is, more ethnic qualities discovered its way into TV and movies. To ensure it didn’t fall behind, the publisher attempted to bring more African American superheroes into its books, and for motivation the company needed to look no more beyond the film movement that characterized the early parts of the decade: blaxploitation.

We had over-the-top, mutinous movies like Shaft and Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song which highlighted black characters in urban settings that audiences could easily identify with. The extraordinary tone and radiantly brutal style of these motion pictures pulled in viewers of all races. As a result, it wouldn’t have been long until the comic book industry got its own black hero. To profit by this movement, the writer Archie Goodwin and artists John Romita Sr. and George Tuska made Luke Cage. He made his debut in his own one of a kind series titled Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 in 1972. The book was additionally Marvel’s first solo title featuring an African American legend; the Black Panther’s creation preceded Cage’s, yet he didn’t have a solo book until he featured in Jungle Action in 1973 and his own self-titled book in 1977.

Set in Harlem, Cage utilizes his superhuman quality and bulletproof skin to protect the general population of his old neighborhood, only as long as they could bear the cost of his services since he was a legend for hire. Later on, Cage shed his ’70s blaxploitation schtick and changed into an integral part of the Marvel Universe, inevitably turning into an Avenger and TV star.


2. He Put The “Cage” In Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a famous comic book addict since he has possessed some of the most costly issues on the planet. In addition to this, he’s a regular at comic events, and he even played a superhero in the Ghost Rider films. Comic books are his namesake.

Nicolas Cage was born as Nicolas Coppola. He was part of the renowned Coppola film family that incorporates directors like Francis Ford Coppola. To maintain a strategic distance from the nepotism in Hollywood, he chose to change his name to Nicolas Cage. Obviously, he got the inspiration from Marvel’s Luke Cage, one of his most loved comic characters.


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