5 Amazing Things About Jesus: The Walking Dead!


This post is going to bring forth some amazing facts about Jesus, a character who has been indispensable to The Walking Dead comic series.
As an enormous fan of The Walking Dead funnies, I have been sitting tight for Jesus to show up on-screen for quite a while. Since we’ve seen him now, how about getting to know him a little better?So, right here are five fun facts about the freshest shaggy-haired character on The Walking Dead.

1.Great Looker

In the funnies, Jesus has an unconventional biker look. On the other hand, he’s similar to the scruffy Jordan Catalano of the end of the world. He additionally does a great deal of stuff which is great to watch. The show roped in Tom Payne to play Jesus for a reason – he’s absolutely adorable. However, it remains to be seen if Payne can pull off the various intricacies of Jesus’s traits from the comic.



2. Super Renegade

While Jesus does at times wield a blade, he loves combating with his hand. In a world overflowing by lethal walkers and significantly deadlier individuals, this is a great move. He utilizes his hands and feet as dangerous weapons. This leads the comic book group to feel that Jesus might perhaps have had some military trainingbefore the zombie apocalypse.