5 Interesting Things About The New Star Trek Series 2017!


CBS announced that the network will be bringing Star Trek series back to the television. Reminds you of good old days! Now with every major series making a turnabout to a sci-fi hungry public, CBS’s decision to start a full on TV series falls in line, with another bid to stay in the minds of people. The Star Trek franchise got a reboot with two recent J. J. Abrams films (another one on treks) appearing over a span of six years.

This attempt by CBS will be the fifth time a version of Gene Roddenberry’s will be seen after Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise in addition to the original 1966 iteration.

With speculations ripening, we bring to you a list of what might (might not) this new endeavor entail for fans:

1. The new Star Trek will be the first Original series on CBS VOD platform in 2017.

CBS has some catching up to do as far as Streaming technology is concerned. And we tend to agree with them when they decide Star Trek will be launched on VOD in 2017 as the network’s first original series. The first episode, however will air on regular CBS network in January 2017, with the rest to follow up exclusively on CBS All Access. This VOD service, charging viewers $5.99 per month has gone live and already made available all past episodes of every Star Trek Series. Looks like a early and good start for 2017!

2. Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller will be piloting New Star Trek Production ship.

The other head, Alex Kurtzman will be donning the cap of executive producer for the show. This comes after his partnership with J.J. Abrams on Star Trek films. This time however, his usual collaborator Roberto Orci has been replaced by Heather Kadin. Heather is the developmental head at the Secret Hideout, Kurtzman’s production company. Bryan Fuller began his career as a writer for Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. It is only fair that he be asked to co-pilot 2017 CBS series.



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