5 Most Memorable Alien Loves of Captain Kirk.

3. Deela – ‘Wink of an Eye’
In this episode, Kirk’s mission is grand. He is required not to save just the damsel-in-distress but a whole goddamn race. So, what happened was that all the males on the planet Scalos had become infertile as a result of exposure to radiation poisoning. Captain Kirk to the rescue – their Queen Deela (played by Kathie Browne) turns to Kirk to save their race. After that, the Captain finds himself pulled into an accelerated timeframe. He becomes firstly, invisible to his crew mate and secondly, the object of jealousy of Deela’s lover Rael.


2. Elaan – ‘Elaan of Troyius’
Elaan(France Nuyen) is a spoilt, entitled rat from the royal family who refuses to get married. The year was 2268 and Kirk is her etiquette coach in order to solve a sure shot diplomatic crisis. Her haughtiness prompts Kirk to get tough with her; at one point requiring him to threaten to spank her! Elaan who is not accustomed to men standing up to her, naturally falls for Kirk. The heeds over heel in love girl uses her magical Elasian tears to put him under her spell.


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