5 Most Memorable Alien Loves of Captain Kirk.


Which is the most apt description for James Tiberius Kirk? Do we call him the Courageous explorer of the cosmos or the captain of the starship USS Enterprise intergalactic love machine? Well, he is all of that rolled into one. In his thirty years reign asCaptain Kirk one thing is clear: his devilish charm works its magic with the ladies be they human or alien.
Chris Pine has now adopted the role in JJ Abrams’ movies. Abrams too has allowed Kirk his ways with the ladies by hooking him up with a green-skinned Orion Starfleet officer in 2009’s Star Trek and two cat-like aliens in Star Trek into Darkness. As a tribute to Shatner, let us look at 5 of Shatner’s most memorable love interests from The Original Series.

5. Shahna – ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’
The encounter between the Star Trek crew and Angelique Pettyjohn’sShahnaon her homeworld of Triskelion. Her task was to train Kirk for gladiatorial battle. As expected, Shahna succumbed to the Captain’s charm. Which woman wouldn’t? At the end of the episode, she asks to fly away with him on the Enterprise only to be left Kirk who ditches her.


4. Kelinda – ‘By Any Other Name’
Barbara Bouchet’s character Kelinda is a Kelvan Alien who discovered emotion in this episode in the second season. For the trivia fans, this is the same actress who played the role of Miss Moneypenny in the Casino Royale Spoof. She undergoes a mind meld by Spock and gets constantly knocked out by Kirk.Due to her newfound ability, Kelinda discovers for the first time that that Kirk’s constant apologies are a bit of a turn-on. We also get to know that this caused some jealousy issues Kelinda’s commanding officer Rojan.


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