5 Unexpected Superheroes Who Lifted Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)


Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has been a major point of discussion among the fans after a scene from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer got viral, where different superheroes try to pick up Thor’s hammer. At the end of the sequence, nobody was able to pick up the hammer except the Thor himself, and he mocks he everybody saying, “They are not worthy”! However, there are five rare instances in comics that showed several superheroes were able to pick up the Hammer, let’s go through them!

5) Red Hulk

This case can be called cheating, but that is why it got the position 5 on our list. This instance took place in Jeph Loeb’s Hulk series, where Red Hulk is a villain. In that issue, Thor and Hulk start to fight, and Red Hulk picks up Thor in space along with Mjolnir. Regardless of the magic on Thor’s hammer, it still has to follow the rules of Gravity. When Hulk took Thor to Zero gravity zone, Mjolnir became weightless, and which means it can be moved even by a normal human being. Hulk used the hammer to beat Thor to the pulp! The weird behavior of Thor’s Hammer in zero gravity is a canon.


4) Magneto

Magneto is the cheater number 2 on this list, you can also call him intelligent, though, but he is not worthy to use Mjolnir by the original laws that Odin created. This case is from the Ultimate Marvel Universe series, where Magneto disrupts the electromagnetic frequencies to generate a zero gravity atmosphere around the hammer. He then used the hammer to obliterate the resistance completely. Sometimes, it feels like Magneto is the most power villain in the Marvel universe.