6 Proofs On How Daryl Dixon Could Be Gay-The Walking Dead!


The Walking Dead Season 7 hasn’t even entered and gossips are rife. “Is Daryl Dixon gay?” This is the big question. Suppose this is true, could a gay Jesus make out with Norman Reedus’ character?
A large number of these inquiries have been addressed by Walking Dead maker Robert Kirkman. However, that has not stopped individuals from endeavouring to “ship” Daryl and Jesus.
As it is, the way that Paul Rovira was presented was nearly a redneck romance taking shape. Not only did they just battle over a vehicle, they moved around in the grass while Benny Hill music played out of sight.
Although that was a joke, individuals are serious with regard to Jesus and Daryl Dixon. Some TWD fans firmly believe thatRovia has hit on Daryl in his first scene.

1. All Planned

Accepting that showrunnersGimple and Kirkman do have plans; there is some confirmation to back the Walking Dead gossip. For instance, this past fall, a Reedus interview examined how and why Daryl would begin to fall in love.
“Allowing himself to fall in love is something Daryl Dixon wouldn’t have done until after he’s lost everything and the world’s gone to s**t,” Reedus said. “Part of that character’s appeal is that you’re watching this guy reinvent himself as someone who’s finding a sense of self-worth through other people in his life. He’s slowly becoming proud of who he is.”
Would this be gay pride? Reedus admits that the thought of Daryl being gay was first raised by the first TWD showrunner, Frank Darabont. Furthermore, Kirkmandisclosed that AMC is going to play a part with making Daryl gay “in so far as it served the story.”



2. Not Happy Being Gay

At a certain point, reports asserted that the actor beseeched the makers of the show not to not make his character gay. According to Reedus, gay Daryl Dixon bits of gossip are fine with him.However, he isn’t exactly pushing the showrunners in that particular direction either. Reedus has been clear that he doesn’t need his character to begin arbitrary romantic connections. Fact is; he thinks that romantic Inclinations might be somewhat clumsy.