7 Things DC Comic Wants You To Forget About Joker


These days we know The Joker as the psychopathic super villain without a past. Furthermore, he doesn’t have a reason to go around doing all the terrible stuff he does. We know him as the purple-suited foe whose name is ironic. We know him as one of comic’s most enduring characters, bound to do fight against Batman until the last. However, there is an alternate variant of The Joker out there and no, we’re not talking about the Bizarro-Joker. We’re discussing every one of the bits of his character and history that DC has attempted to wipe off or generally destroy. Here are seven of them!

7. Had His Own Utility Belt

This is the exact opposite of the range of accessories the Joker of the Golden and Silver Ages profited himself of. Where the current villain mostly has different pointy things with which to murder anybody he comes into contact with who isn’t wearing a mask, the Joker who was distracted with planning his most recent comical goof took load of an altogether different stock.
It makes sense that, if Batman has a utility belt with which to store all his key crime fighting apparatuses, then The Joker would have his own for wrongdoing, correct? Thus he did, embellishing it in lipstick red and a buckle with his own picture.

6. He Had A Face

Taking Ledger’s crazy portrayal of The Joker as a challenge, DC had the villain cut his own face off. However, in fact it was the Dollmaker, another, minor individual from Batman’s mavericks display, who cut the very skin from the Joker’s already dreadful visage, with the Joker’s consent. Now that is genuine criminal franticness!
Having deserted it in his cell, stuck to the wall amid his most recent escape from Arkham Asylum, the face was put away in the evidence room of the Gotham City Police Department. From that point forward it’s been pinched by Harley Quinn and another copycat character who calls herself the Joker’s daughter.
Obviously the episode was proposed to showcase The Joker’s most recent “rebirth”, suggesting he is crazier. In any case, it doesn’t seem as if The Joker is going to have his withered skin came back to him at any point in the near future.

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