8 Characters Of The Walking Dead And What They Should’ve Looked Like!


AMC’s The Walking Dead has, generally, follows the significant events  of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same name. Not with standing, Kirkman’s comic, which appeared in 2003, it contains an excessive amount of substance for the show to follow. Accordingly, AMC has rolled out some dynamic changes mostly relating to the show’s characters. Here’s what the characters of the show should’ve actually looked like….

1. Shane Walsh

Jon “the Punisher” Bernthal made a stellar show with depicting Rick’s partner and closest companion, Shane. Officer Walsh has an unsanctioned romance with Rick’s wife, Lori. This is in the wake of thinking that Rick died in the hospital. This in turn causes a wide range of issues when Rick returns and she winds up pregnant. Rick’s child, Carl shoots Shane in both versions. However, the circumstances are entirely different. In the comics, Shane is shot through the neck by Carl attempting to save his dad in the midst of a major fight. Yet on TV, Rick stabs Shane to death towards the end of season two, and Carl shoots a zombified Shane to save his father. We’ll always remember the comic’s delineation of Rick digging up Shane’s grave to put a last bullet into the skull of his reanimated companion.


2. Rick Grimes

While Andrew Lincoln’s similarity to Deputy Rick Grimes in the source material is on-point ad sporting a beard, we can’t resist the urge to see a major difference: he has got both his hands. As it is, when the Governor captures Rick, Glenn, and Michonne in Issue 28, he chops off Rick’s right hand before he torments and rapes Michonne. This was intensely changed for TV. Regardless of awful barbarities, we have an inclination Officer Grimes’ amputee status played a major part in the development of Merle Dixon’s character. However, despite everything it is still intriguing to see Rick confront this black and white apocalyptic world without any help, as it were to speak of.


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