8 Issues With MCU That Doctor Strange Doesn’t Amend


Doctor Strange is Marvel’s fourteenth effort after Iron Man. The movie had all of the makings of a drastically divergent, subversive comic-book blockbuster. And whilst, as anticipated, it was enjoyable, it didn’t stray really far from the formula as many had anticipated. This left it riddled with a number of problems which have permeated the MCU for years and years.
Listed below are eight significant problems which might be hounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These are inclusive of Doctor Strange and need to be addressed.

8. The Remedy-All MacGuffins

In Doctor Strange, the titular sorcerer has the ability to turn back time. This instantly rectifies the harm to town and eliminates any sense of risk at once. His cloak saves his skin various times. This means that the Doctor barely has to lift a finger to escape.
In The Avengers, Loki’s sceptre immediately has the ability to shut the sky portal, for some tremendously vague rationale. Furthermore, in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Captain does not defeat Red Skull his wits. Instead, the Tesseract evaporates the villain for him.
It’s a script difficulty that will not fortify soon. This is for the reason that the Infinity Stones, an simple definable set of MacGuffins, are set to prominently feature in Marvel’s Avengers sequels. It’s a disgrace to see Stephen Strange, being forced to be dependent on a series of cheap parlour tricks.


7. Deteriorating Iconic Comic Book Characters

eIt’s clear that Dormammu in Doctor Strange is not anywhere near to the Dormammu from the source material. In fact, it feels foolish to name the film version ‘Dormammu’. Why wasn’t he called something else and store the proper Dormammu for a stronger role in a future film?
MCU’s done the same on other occasions as well. For instance, Zemo in Civil war and The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 had been those respective characters in name and that’s about it.
Dormammu was a weak link in Doctor Strange. He on no account felt imposing, was given zilch to do, and was more of a colourful version of Galactus from Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. Marvel’s source matrial is rich and mammoth, so it is a disgrace to see them lazily slot in characters that aren’t befitting.

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