8 Nostalgic Pictures Of Susan Oliver – The Original Seductive Orion Slave!


Susan Oliver played the character of fictional species Orion Slave Girl for the first time in the Star Trek. Just like Slave Leia costume, the green-skin-ed Orion slave girls are also heart and soul of every cosplay convention. Susan was the first Orion Slave girl in the history of the Star Trek even though she was just an illusion in the pilot episode. However, the character of Orion Slave woman has always turned heads in the controversy department. As much as fans love this fictional species, many don’t see them fitting in the utopian Star Trek universe. The Orion girls release a particular pheromone that gives the males an strong urge to mate with them or at least get attracted towards them. The word “Slave” here is a misnomer because these girls might come in as a slave but they are used many times as a spy to get the information from the interested parties. There was one instance in the Star Trek lore where Orion slave was specifically used to distract the Enterprise’s shipmates and grab some valuable info.

Back in the day, it was tough for any heroine to jump into a skimpy costume and bring life to an alien character with zero frame of reference about it. If you think it was a fluke that Orion Slave girl became such a phenomenon, you are wrong because that short skit was tackled with such a precision by Oliver Susan that it still mesmerises most of us. It was the talent and charisma of a true all-rounder woman, who was not just an actor but also an aviator, director, accomplished writer, philanthropist and a human being with a good heart. Let’s have a look at some of the rare pictures of this versatile persona:-





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