6 “F#ck Marvel” Campaign Pictures From DC Is Pissing People Off Across The Globe.


The passionate DC fans across the globe are running a campaign named “Fu*ck Marvel” to promote DC’s flagship movie Batman V Superman, which is gonna hit the theater on 25 March 2016. The main gist of these unofficial ads is entirely negative, and we all know that negative things run like a wildfire amongst the fanboys in the world of Internet.

However, before we start bashing Marvel for being kiddish and dull as called by these die-hard DC fans, we need to remember that Marvel cinematic universe has released 12 movies until this day, and they have managed to churn out $757 million as profit per movie on average. Those numbers are HUGE, So instead of running abysmal campaigns like “F*ck Marvel”, let’s focus on thanking Marvel for setting up a Superhero Movie genre that DC is currently piggybacking on. We are sure that if the Marvel movies hadn’t done well, there would not have been any Superhero cinematic universes.

Now it’s time to reveal the few pictures from this low-blow campaign by DC fanboys that show top actors from DC cinematic universe wear “Fu*k Marvel” t-shirts. Which side are you on? – Favor or Curse in the comments section.





  1. Let me tell you 1st thing my friend, Earnings don’t decide you’re good at something marvel earns because MCU’s has no violence/deaths/mature contents so kids more than age 6 can watch and in MCU they are fucking up with characters as well ofcourse in Disney’s influence that’s why MCU earns more and DC makes movie like it’s books so does marvel but with FOX (Thanks to fox Deadpool wasn’t in hands of MCU) MCU hasn’t done anything which can impress me as a comic fan but Fox did and i loved it and i case of DC Man of Steel was the best Superman movie for me 🙂 now if you’re going to remind me Green Lantern I’d love to remind you Daredevil(Not Ben’s fault) as well or ghost rider(Neither cage’s) . So stop making shitty posts see and post whatever is right and who’s daddy time will decide let it be on it and note one thing . Content matters money not . Go and Watch fucking Deadpool you’ll know what is called comic book movie.

      • Old Daredevil was not, but the newer show on Netflix is part of the MCU. Along with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher.

    • And once again we get the fanboy criticism that MCU is “f’ing” up the movies because thee characters stray from the books. I’m only a casual comic fan, but I’ve read enough to know that depending on writer/artist, the comics themselves stray pretty far from each other pretty often. Also, the movies have to cater to a wide audience. Beyond opening weekend, such a small percentage of the audience are die hard comic fans. I’ve generally liked all of the MCU movies (Thor was a little hard for me), but most of the marvel movies that were truly terrible weren’t even Disney; Amazing Spiderman 2 was so dismal I wanted to leave the theater; X-man Origins: Wolverine beyond just what they did to Dedpool, was horrible filmmaking (CGI claws that don’t actually touch wolverine’s hands). All-in-All Marvel is doing well by themselves and casual fans.

      I like that DC is taking a darker feel to their movies as it differentiates their universe. I just hope they all do well to keep these movies coming

    • Don’t be such a baby, I will remind you that daredevil AND ghost rider were not marvel movies in the scope of the Disney shared universe so your argument is invalid and pretty dumb. I would have used the second and third iron man movies but you did like man of steel sooo I think you have a taste for shitty movies. D.C. sucks and so do you

  2. these are probably photoshops because Henry has gone on record saying that he’s a fan of Marvel movies and Marvel movies doing well is good for DC and vice versa. But I love these because Marvel fans are getting sooooo salty over the idea that someone may not like those movies.

  3. Coming from a huge DC COMIC fan AND reader, I don’t care about the flicks. Now I hope Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad do horribly, this is Rude to the kids who like Marvel. I WAS HOPING DC WOULD BE MORE MATURE ABOUT COMPETITION.

  4. Ok then name 10 great DC films you most likely just put 5 of the batman film lol other than not much left. Superman and batman are there go to where marvel has touch on more characters

  5. DC is “Piggy backing” off Marvel??? How old was this writer? Twelve?! DC was, and always will be the FIRST franchise of comic books, radio,, television and movies of this genre.

  6. DC was making superhero movies way back in 1978. Piggybacking? Jesus, some of you new journalists have the memory of flea.

    Anyway, those t-shirts are clearly fake. Did no one even bother to research this?

    And even if they weren’t, I don’t think that many people across the globe are upset. If you’re so anti-shade, be mad at Marvel, whose actors, creators, and writers clearly DO throw shade at DC.