3 Questions Every Walking Dead Fans Wants an Answer For!


The Walking dead’s power lies in its characters and the fantastic emotional dynamics between them. The post-apocalyptic world and the zombies are just the outer cover of this meticulously detailed TV show, the main gist is the drama. After the death of the Governer, the show was demanding another powerful antagonist that can shake things up! That’s the reason, we are getting Negan on the show; the best villain till this date on Walking Dead comics. According to the recent official announcement JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN will play Negan in the TV show. With the addition of Negan, walking dead fans across the globe are discussing various possibilities about Negan’s entry in the show, and how his presence is going to impact the dynamics of the show. There are few recurring points of discussions amongst the fans, which have raised some interesting questions, and we might have answers to them, let’s go through them, and see if we can answer them.

1. What Is The Iron, and Who Will Be The Victim Of Iron?

Before jumping on the topic, who is going to be “Ironed” by Negan, let’s first understand, what is the IRON in the comics? Negan has occupied an old factory, where his goons and other random survivors take refuge. It is called the sanctuary. Negan runs the Sanctuary, whoever takes a space in the sanctuary is protected by Negan, and his party in return for favors like food, drugs, sex or other valuables. Women in the sanctuary have the option to become one of the Negan’s wives, and they will never have to work for food or any other necessities. This is where the Iron comes into the picture. Negan has made a straightforward rule in the Sanctuary that if a wife tries to cheat behind Negan, and if he finds it, then the cheater gets 2 options – Number one, they are asked to leave Sanctuary along with their partner; and Option 2 is that she can come back to Negan as wife, but her cheating partner’s face will be burned with an hot Iron! Now, according to our theory it seems like Abraham and Rosita will be the first victims of Negan. Rosita probably will become Negan’s wife as circumstances would demand, and eventually Abraham will be Ironed by Negan.



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