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Best Visual Effects Schools in India

With Krish and Ra-One scoring a punch on the Indian cinematic screens, there has been a boom of movies filled with Visual Effects and Animation. Hence, the necessity for the high quality VFX has become an integral part of the

CGI Paul walker in Fast & furious 7


Body doubles, Motion capture, Face replacement, CG model of Paul Walker, Do you think Brain O’Connor will look Realistic?

Vin Diesel via a facebook post articulated the difficulties the crew and the actors are facing with absence of Paul Walker.…

Deadly Trio – Photoshop Aftereffects and Cinema4d.


Photoshop-AfterEffects-Cinema4d, when used in conjunction, WHY this trio is considered the most powerful yet easy to use software combo?

Answer: because there makers have put up STRONG INTEGRATION across them. Adobe, makers of Photoshop –Aftereffects and Maxon the company which

Pacific Rim Kaijus VS Godzilla – The VFX Face-off.


STRANGE BEASTS (KAIJU) started reappearing cinematic screens last year with PACIFIC RIM. In 2014 GODZILLA carried the legacy forward.

SOUL-PURPOSE is to understand the ART behind “Concept Creation”, Modeling & animating based on that …