Top 10 Couples Of Walking Dead – Is Your Favorite Couple Listed?


The characters of Walking Dead are the main USP of the show. The relationship amongst those characters is the thread that binds the audiences to the characters, and surprisingly the action and violence are just an output of this epic saga. Walking Dead has never tried to glamorize the violence, which was expected out of it, but right from the beginning, the writers knew that this show is a drama set in a zombie filled world. The audiences felt connected and invested in the characters because they have been written three-dimensionally, that resonates with the viewers. Let’s have a look at the top 10 couples of the Walking Dead universe, Do you agree with the number 1 couple on this list?
10. Carl and Enid

10 Carl and Enid

9. Rick and Jessie

9 Rick and Jessie

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  1. Daryl and Beth are written together as a rare and beautiful love story. It’s one of the best romances on tv and like a damn romance novels says Daryl Dixon. There is an underlying you complete me with theses two and they make each other stronger, better and more confident in who they are as individuals and together. They let each other be who they wanted to be and accept each other unconditionally and without judgement. They let each other know they are good enough the way they are. Don’t you think that’s beautiful. You should really watch the eps with those shy introverted heartwarming characters. It took unique circumstances and a soecial person for Daryl Dixon to fall in love. Norman showed this through his amazing performances while grieving for a season and a half. The writers actors and show runners agree that there was a taste of love in the air.