Top 10 Classy Shoots Of T’pol – Jolene Blalock.


Jolene Blalock was the most appealing female Vulcan – T’pol in Star Trek – Enterprise, the worst Star Trek show considered even by the fans. When we “Trekkies” hear the word Vulcan, the first thing that hits our mind is Logic, however in “Enterprise” T’pol’s character was more about being eye-candy than performing out-of-the-world intelligent deductions and logical analysis. Jolene himself called the finale episode of Enterprise “Appalling.” We all know, how poorly enterprise was written, and helm and a lot of actors bad-mouthed about the show, but Jolene was one of the most vocal ones, here’s what she had to say about her role in the show as Vulcan – “You can’t take T’Pol and say ‘Okay, you’re a Vulcan’ and take away the Vulcan characteristics,” she protested. “You might as well clip the ears! For example: eating food with their hands – they don’t do that! And yet they’ll throw in episodes where she’s eating popcorn, and I’ll say, ‘Can I use a napkin?’…’No! Use your hands!'”

“I look for in my character what I look for in real life,” she added. “What can I count on? In life we put our trust and faith in those people in our lives who are consistent. If you can’t find consistency in your character, then it’s a transparent character, and that’s very tough because it turns out you are a different person from episode to episode.”

Regardless of all the media slugfest, enterprise did nail “Eye-candy” part of Jolene, how? Because she is one fine woman with perfect assets! Let’s have a look at some of the best shots of our friendly Vulcan – T’pol – Enjoy!