Top 6 Doctor Who Movie Spin-Offs That Don’t Feature The Doctor.


Doctor Who is the most popular British TV program ever.

Right from its creation in 1963 to the present day, and comprising of more than 800 scenes, the series is immortal. However, what happens to the Doctor’s friends when they get back to their ordinary lives? It would be hard settling into typicality after going around space and time with an unfading alien wittier than Einstein!

Keeping in mind the goal to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of Daemos Rising, the spin-off of Downtime, we have a rundown of the must-see informal Doctor Who spin-off titles.

6. Zygon: When Being You Just Isn’t Enough (2008)

Out of the considerable number of movies on this rundown, none faced a harder production than Zygon. Initially starting shooting in 2003, it was just about to be scrapped by its director, Bill Baggs. After years, script changes and an additional day of shooting, it was in the end revised and released in 2008. The plot is about an engineer, Mike Kirkwood, who is troubled by his repeated dreams that he is a shape shifting Zygon beast. He tells this to his psychologist, Lauren, who tries to help him find out what these dreams mean. However, she soon faces a threat herself.

The main connection between the Doctor Who series and this film are titular space creature Zygons. That being said, it is still an intriguing expansion to the Whoniverse. It has been closely compared with the spin-off series Torchwood, because of its more grown-up and savage content. It is additionally one of the two Doctor Who spin-offs to get an 18 certificate rating.


5. Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans (1994)

In the forsaken vacuum of space, the Tiger Moth, a space yacht under Captain Lisa Deranne, is on a journey taking some rich misfits on a voyage through space. Amid their travel a shape-shifting alien, known as a Rutan, figures out how to get up the ship to escape its adversary alien followers, the Sontarans, who have been at war since the beginning of time. Not long after the Sontarans take control of the ship and start to search for the Rutan, he masks itself as one of the crew members and starts killing Sontarans and Humans alike. The Sontarans soon choose to obliterate all life on the Tiger Moth inciting Captain Deranne to find the lethal Rutan before her ship and everybody on it is destroyed.

The thing that connects the film to the Doctor Who series are the alien species inside in it. Particularly the Sontarans, who are a fan top choice. This film depicts the first time the famous warring species showed up onscreen together. In spite of the fact that the copyright to the Sontarans was procured, the rights to their appearance were not. Therefore, they were redesigned for this story. That being said it is still a fun expansion to the Whoniverse and is a must see for Sontaran fans.


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