Tom Hardy Is The Venom, Movie Releasing 8th October 2018


A few months back Sony Pictures had announced that they are developing a new solo Venom movie that will be released on October 8th, 2018. Sony had told that they have put the Venom movie on a fast-track production, and it looks like they are keeping up their promises.

Today the production house has confirmed that Tom Hardy is going to play the role of Anti-hero Venom in the movie. This film is not a joint production with Marvel and it is not set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In simpler words, there will be no Tom Holland’s Spiderman or the Avengers in this movie.
Sony had a very successful franchise with Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, but things went south after pathetic 3rd installment in the series. Sony made a second attempt to reboot the franchise with “The Amazing Spider-man” movies with Andrew Garfield as the lead, but the story arc was so poor that even after investing hell lot of money in advertising for the second film, it collapsed brutally.

Venom is a very interesting character, he has multi-tier personality with tons of great source material which will allow the writers to play around with it more creatively. According to the earlier reports that this movie is not going to be a typical “Superhero film”, it is science-fiction horror, and don’t be surprised if this movie gets a Rating “R” because Logan & Deadpool have proved that even comic book movies restricted only to adults can be major box-office hits.
Tom Hardy was nowhere on the radar for the role of Eddie Brock but looks like Sony wants to do something unique with this film. Having Hardy to play Venom directly points that the story is going to be dark and will have a serious tone. Tom has already played a villain named Bane in Dark Knight Rises. We have no doubts about the acting abilities of Academy Award nominated Tom Hardy, but an actor can only be as good as the script.